​As we at Stepping With The Stones give lots of space for children to grow affectively and cognitively, we encourage others to practice patience and understanding with children who willingly risk taking part in this beautiful world. Nurture children, listen to them, and gain the wisdom of children.”

~ Jerry Stone, Founder and Administrator

Jerry and Bette Stone believe children learn foundational skills from birth until 8-years old. Thus, relational skills are taught here at SWTS. A serious goal at SWTS is to impact children for the sake of a more peaceful, violence-free world. Toward that end, a special activity at Stepping With The Stones is a Young Peacemakers Club. This innovative part of the curriculum is designed to teach children about peace and justice and infuse such learning within their everyday lives through games, music, art, drama, and storytelling, and other fun activities. Founder Jerry Stone teaches these peace lessons most weeks.

The mission of the Young Peacemakers Club is to enrich the lives of children through the pursuit of peace for all. The four cornerstones of the club are:

Peace for Me
Children discover the wonder and beauty within themselves, where peace truly begins.

Peace for Us
Daily relationships are explored, and the goals of cooperation and conflict resolution are stressed.

Peace for Everyone
Children examine the possibilities for peace within groups and community. Cultural appreciation and diversity are explored.

Peace for the Planet
Planetary stewardship and appreciation for the earth are stressed and examined.

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Young Peacemakers Club - An Integral Part of the Stepping With The Stones Preschool Curriculum…Updated for today’s changing world



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The pursuit of peace for all – the over-riding theme for Stepping With The Stones Young Peacemakers Club.