Interested in Enrollment for Your Child in Our Preschool? 

Please contact Administrator Jerry Stone in the Contact Us section for information concerning enrollment and tuition at Stepping With The Stones. A packet containing preschool policies, tuition information, and financial aid opportunities
is available. For your convenience we have provided much of this
​same information for download.

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​"Stepping With The Stones has been such a positive experience on my daughter. Not only has she really opened her imagination and mind to learning, but has truly enjoyed the loving environment that only Stepping With The Stones can offer. What's so special about SWTS is that is has the unique ability of tapping into each child's individuality and learning style all while making EVERY child feel so special and important to them. I am confident that my daughter will exceed all expectations when she enters kindergarten in the fall, and am so thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know SWTS and its staff in the process. We'll miss them all greatly!”

~ SWTS parent comment

Here is every form and information flier you will need to register your child in our 2017-18 session at Stepping With The Stones.

Information & Forms - Here is Everything You’ll Need.