What is your approach to children needing discipline?

Self-respect and respect for others and place are key elements at Stepping With The Stones. We uphold responsible behavior and action. We teach responsible actions in a warm, peaceful environment, in a place where children risk and make mistakes. The “Quiet Thinking Chair” approach is used with children for less than a minute to reflect and then “talk through” with the teacher/staff any needed concern. Simply stated, a brief affirmative time is given for reflective thinking and working toward understanding of actions.

Are opportunities available for parental involvement?

Yes! Of course! We take frequent field trips and excursions throughout the preschool year and definitely need parent and grandparent chaperones. We post a “sign up” chaperone sheet prior to these visits. Also, if you or the grandparents desire to share a talent, gift, or special knowledge, contact our staff. We encourage good involvement, especially as it becomes educational sharing with our preschoolers.

My child needs to take a daily medication. What should I do?

All medications and prescriptions for preschoolers are administered by adult staff only, after parents provide Stepping With The Stones signed authorization. Parents are responsible for updating us regarding any change in medications.

Must my child be toilet-trained to attend Stepping With The Stones?

Yes. Preschoolers must be toilet-trained with regular underpants.

What if my child becomes ill at school?

We will contact you immediately should your child become injured or ill while at Stepping With The Stones. If your child’s temperature is 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or greater, or if she/he is clearly sick, you will be asked to pick up your child as soon as possible. Please do not send children to school with strep throat, scabies, the flu, mumps, chicken pox, or a bad cold. They are happier and healthier when healing at home!

How do I secure enrollment for the coming year?

A nonrefundable deposit is required to secure your child’s place in a particular session. This deposit will apply to your child’s first month’s tuition due on the first preschool day of the month, or to your day camp payments during the summer.

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Dear Jerry & Bette,

What a bright and challenging learning experience for preschoolers here at SWTS! My child comes home with energy and excitement in sharing what he learns each day! You have help our family understand just how important it is to give each child a warm, peaceful, loving and caring, and special place but also strong learning opportunities at such early ages. We are appreciative of all you do and that you do it so very well!

~  SWTS parent comment

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