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​Mr. Jerry, Miss Bette, & Miss Angie, 

Love from us for doing all you do, for giving all you give, and for caring as you care! You are all fabulously gracious people! That you have touched so many lives in the last 6 years in your early childhood setting is amazing! I am forever grateful for all you’ve done for my 4 1/2- year-old son!

~ SWTS parent comment

We are happy to be able to provide Early Care and After Care to our students. It's great fun and is a great addition to your child’s learning experience.

Our After Care program runs from 11:30 AM to 5:00 PM at an affordable rate of $7.50 per hour. To complement the dynamic preschool curriculum, Stepping With The Stones also offers a fun, comfortable, and social After Care program for its own preschoolers, led by a knowledgeable and caring child care staff. Our staff here at Stepping With The Stones is carefully selected based on their training and values, as well as their ability to truly enjoy young children. In fact, one of the Stones' daughters supervises the After Care program in Camden, ME.

SWTS After Care program offers a warm and secure environment where children can play, socialize, and choose learning. Here preschoolers have the opportunity to further socialize through playing indoor and outdoor games, cooking, reading, arts and crafts, and more…all true to the Stepping With The Stones style! SWTS After Care staff make this time come-alive with hands-on activities for each child, provide socialization and guidance, encourage involvement, and foster self-esteem and teamwork through positive interactions. Children make so many choices during After Care! Many children continue to have fun with self-selected preschool learning initiatives during After Care. 

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The Stepping With The Stones Early Care program runs from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM.  

The Early Care program has been created to accommodate our many working moms and dads. The cost of Early Care is the same as our popular After Care – $7.50 per hour. We’re happy to extend the preschool day so as to be of even greater service to our SWTS families.

The SWTS Early Care program offers the same warm and secure environment where children can play, socialize, and choose learning before preschool hours. For more information see the Early Care information form or let us hear from you at our Contact page.

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After Care - after Preschool Hours CHILD CARE SUPPORT

Early Care - For those parents are who need child care support before preschool hours