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Celebration Themes: Celebrating Family, Self, Others, New Beginnings, Earth's New Life, and Passages

Subjects: Geography, Math, Language, Cultural Studies, Sensorial Exploration, Health and Nutrition, Time and Space, and Science

Quad Focuses: Autumn, Metamorphosis, Continents, Linear Counting, Letters and Sound Recognition, Number Formation and Recognition, Columbus Day, American Flag, Pledge and Patriotic Songs, Spanish, Halloween, Shapes and Colors,  Primary and Secondary Colors, Harvest Time, Self-Awareness, School as Community and Family, Peace Skills and Yoga.

Vertebrates and Invertebrates, Winter Preparation and Hibernation, Veteran's Day, Pilgrims, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Crystal Formations, Solar System, Peacemakers Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks.

Polar Regions, Winter Weather, Lincoln and Washington's Birthdays, Healthy Hearts, Amphibians and Reptiles, Birds, St. Patrick's Day, and Monthly Food Preparation.

Maple Sugar Season, Insects, Spring, Passover and Easter, Earth Day, Gardening and Flowers, Seeds and Bulbs, Memorial Day, Farm Life, and Final Passage Celebration (a form of graduation each spring for all preschoolers).

Stepping With The Stones preschool prides itself in providing a strong educational and cognitive program - certainly one of the most dynamic in the state of Maine. Our program infuses learning in all aspects of school life, and encourages parents to reinforce and integrate teachings at home. Parent choice is highly respected at Stepping With The Stones.

Ultimately, our learning center fosters self-confidence, involvement, interdependence, and a strong sense of community, while having lots of fun. Celebration of life takes place here through fun and humor, singing, poetry, painting and drawing, books, dance, theatre, storytelling, field trips, and in-class festivities, etc. Our mission is to create a genuine interest on and an ongoing joy for learning.

Body awareness and physical movement are also important components of the school program, with outdoor play as well as yoga instruction offered to children with Dr. Mara Crans. Field trips and visits by artists and craftspeople further enrich the school calendar.

Preschool math, phonics and science initiatives are ongoing throughout the year, along with an introduction to basic Spanish, sign language, and to the great masters of art and music.

​Stepping With The Stones has developed a expanded, diverse graduated 3-year curriculum which centers on themes and topics relevant to our lives today. Below is a link to more information on the 3-year curriculum for Stepping With The Stones. Please contact us for more specific information regarding this exciting educational program.

The Young Peacemakers Club is an integral part of Stepping With The Stones preschool curriculum.

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At Stepping With The Stones Learning opportunities are found in All Aspects of the School Day

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​“I am especially amazed by their exceptional dedication to children, and the education of children. My daughter had been there for barely a week, and she was already asking me questions on topics like metamorphosis. She is learning at such a rapid pace that I feel compelled to brush up on my own knowledge so that I can answer some of her questions.”

~ SWTS parent comment

Stepping With The Stones is excited to celebrate its 18th year of offering midcoast children the first steps in a lifetime of learning.