Stepping With The Stones is a cheerful, safe, learning center. Artwork and colorful murals decorate the walls; kid-sized furniture and  learning centers fill the floor. Space for a quiet cuddle or group story is readily available, as are bathroom facilities, cubbies, and a safe and secure playground.

Stepping With The Stones teaches solid academic skills in math, phonics, and language development, and provides varied social experiences with a distinct emphasis on fun. We teach skills of peace and nonviolence, and infuse such during the preschool year! Relaxation yoga is part of our peace program.  

Bette Stone is Head Teacher at Stepping With The Stones. She is largely responsible for implementing the curriculum. Music, art, poetry, dance, theatre, movement, and storytelling help foster the child's creativity and are integral parts of the daily schedule. Excursions around the community to the park, fire stations, orchards, Mr. Miller's Pumpkin Patch, and other places of interest encourage discovery and adventure. In addition, Stepping With The Stones collaborates with Ms. Susan Burwell, teacher of Family Consumer Science, and her seventh grade middle schoolers from Camden-Rockport Middle School who provide fun learning activities 8 times a year here at the preschool. Teacher Mrs. Karen Collins and her fourth graders at Camden-Rockport Elementary School visit Stepping With The Stones each spring to read storybooks that they have authored and illustrated. Dr. Mara Crans, a local pediatrician, offers a yoga class each week. Dr. Crans also serves as the preschool's physician consultant. 

We’re a Creative and Confident Learning Center


12 Lions LaneCamdenME 04843, USA

Stepping With The Stones is excited to celebrate its 18th year of offering Midcoast children the first steps in a lifetime of learning.

​“Stepping with the Stones has been such a positive experience on my daughter. Not only has she really opened her imagination and mind to learning, but has truly enjoyed the loving environment that only Stepping With The Stones can offer. What's so special about SWTS is that is has the unique ability of tapping into each child's individuality and learning style all while making EVERY child feel so special and important to them. I am confident that my daughter will exceed all expectations when she enters kindergarten in the fall, and am so thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know SWTS and its staff in the process. We'll miss them all greatly!”

~ SWTS parent comment

The “New Face” of Stepping With The Stones Preschool


At Stepping With The Stones preschool, our 21st Century education is designed to nurture the child's self-confidence, interdependence, and spirit of celebration, providing children with the important first steps toward a lifetime of learning. Children are given individual as well as group instruction, including a sensorial approach that is stimulating and fun. Preschoolers have ample opportunity to make their own choices during activity and play time. Both male and female teachers play a role at Stepping With The Stones, where
gender diversity is an important goal of the curriculum. SWTS builds cognitive and social skills in a most unique approach to help grow children during the formative years to be equipped for this the 21st Century! Strong communication among teachers, children, and
families is encouraged through weekly memos.

We began as a morning preschool, while over the years launching numerous creative, cognitive, and affective options — often to accommodate parents. Our costs have changed only once over the years.

We will hold fast to our best ideas and ideals while continuing to offer the most extraordinary preschool program in the state of Maine. In fact, we are adding an extra hour to our daily session at no additional cost. This means more hours weekly while dramatically expanding Stepping With The Stones fun learning options!

Here are the exciting details of our 18th year beginning on September 4, 2018:

  • 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Monday - Friday, operating as a preschool only – an additional hour each day at NO CHANGE IN COST! 
  • Offering the option of 3, 4, or 5 mornings at the cost of $370, $420, and $470 respectively!
  • Expanding our 3-year curriculum to add many new options!
  • Continuing to offer our award-winning preschool day: 3 recesses; Circle Time; yoga; snack time; singing and dancing; and Learning Time.
  • Featuring introduction to the great masters in art and music; fun, hands-on science experiments; divergent, creative, imaginative activities; daily Closing Ceremonies beginning at 11:45 AM; and a new approach to Peace Lessons — all these frequently offered by Mr. Jerry during each month. 
  • Including “Spirit Days”, parent invitations to arts and craft exhibitions, theater performances, field trips and excursions, and fall parent/teacher conferences. 

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